Thank you for your inquiry regarding our unique Training Centre Opportunity.

We are currently offering our award winning e-Learner software to owners of computer labs across the country with no start-up fee!


What we are offering you:

Three of our award winning curriculum sets:  Primary, secondary school and our Community versions.

Our primary and secondary school curriculum sets are CAPS aligned to the national curriculum and caters for learners from grade R to grade 10. In addition we offer various coding and programming  lessons for your coding requirements.

We are currently offering this package at a cost of R350,00 per device per month with no start-up fee. All that is required of you or a staff member, is to come to Cape Town for a one day training course on our software, methodology and marketing ideas. This means you can offer e-Learner to all ages throughout the day, only paying a license fee for the device each month. As a no-risk entry option, we suggest you start off licensing 2-3 devices per month.

As a value add to this offer, to kick start your business, we are also giving you 1 free e-Learner Foundation certification courses per device per month, linked to your license agreement  (example attached) valued at R500,00 per month. Any additional certification courses required will be charged at R250,00 per person, including registration, manual, assessments and certification. You would be required to cover the courier costs of the manuals and certificates each month. Certification courses expire each month and cannot be carried over to the next month.

To start a free trial and see what we have to offer in terms of our curriculum, please go to Classesonline, select your country and the curriculum of your choice and choose “3 DAY TRIAL – FREE” as the subscription. Remember to activate your subscription in the mail that is sent to you.



Should you have any more questions please feel free to contact us or fill out this form to receive an automated response that also contains the licensing agreement.


                            Mitch Pengelly                                Cheryn Ridge