6.1 Island Adventure

Create an island and have an adventure.

*Try it now*
6.2 Beach Maze

Follow the maze and solve mathematical clues.

6.3 Tuckshop Takeover

Take a survey in class and populate the trunks food.

6.4 The Body

Explore the inside of an eyeball.

6.5 Broken Telephone

Relay message from one end of the map to another.
6.6 Geomaths

Work out volume, area and perimeter of shapes. 

6.7 Doing Dialogue

Set up scenes in Minecraft and take photographs to use in a comic.

6.8 Tesselation

Create patterns with blocks and then rotate them to tessellate. 

6.9 Car Park Capers

Create a multi-story car park for mine carts. 

6.10 Electricity

Wire a plug using Redstone.