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Computers 4 Kids is a South Africa based Education/ ICT Company with its head office in Cape Town and a footprint throughout Africa and the Middle East. To date, six million learners and 30 000 teachers have completed the e-Learner content. Computers 4 Kids is now offering local entrepreneurs the opportunity to become licensees, thereby impacting on their local communities, as well as making a living for themselves. Having a 26+ year record of accomplishment in the industry and an excellent reputation, the opportunity speaks for itself. Getting a foot in the door has always been difficult for entrepreneurs. However, Computers 4 Kids has come up with a business model that makes entering the market affordable. In fact, the entry cost is zero if you have your own hardware.

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The Computers 4 Kids licensing agreement is structured in a very simple way with no fine print; there are no hidden or extra costs in the package. The opportunity is aimed at any entrepreneur who is keen to tap into the Education and Digital Skills market, and could include students, internet café operators, home schooling families, learning centres and any person who has access to a couple of devices. Work your own hours, offering benchmarked ICT courses for students of all ages. Licensees receive access to the full suite of the Computers 4 Kids award-winning curriculum software, including the primary school, high school, educators, Minecraft and community packages. All the CAPS aligned software integrates with classroom themes and topics that are taught at school, and high school students have access to the new and exciting K53 driving content. Adults use the community version, which teaches users how to create CVs, deal with SARS, create wills etc – Digital Skills that we all need to ensure we become effective and contributing digital citizens in these interesting times we find ourselves in.

Why not visit local pre-schools in your area offering our award winning software?

Why not contact your local school and make a proposal to them to use their hardware after school hours? (we provide all editable templates you can use for this purpose)

A flat rate royalty fee of R350 per month will be charged per device (you will be charged a minimum of 3 devices even if you only have 1-2 devices), on a sliding scale up to a maximum of R3000 per month for larger centres (11+ devices).  As a Licensee, you must source or provide the laptops/pc’s required to run the training centre, as well as the venue itself, if you are offering face-to-face training. Access to all curriculum versions is online (i.e. internet access is required). Licensees must be available for one full days online training on the various curriculum versions. There is no cost for the training itself (please see the License Agreement). The Computers 4 Kids e-Learner courses are endorsed by the e-Learner Foundation (6m students and 30k teachers have completed the e-Learner course to date) . This offering is totally unique and only available to licensees. Additional certification costs apply for end users who require or want certification. Computers 4 Kids offers full support to licensees, including online, telephonic and email support. All marketing resources are provided electronically, including editable flyers, posters, business cards and letterheads etc.

 You decide on your income and what to charge your students. As part of training we will offer advice, but the average is about R500 per month per student for an hour a week and R250 per pre schooler for a 30 min lesson. So do the sums and multiply your device number by the number of hours you want to work and days you want to work x  R500 to get an idea!

What sort of income you can achieve with this opportunity? This depends on how many hours per week you want to work, but here is an example:

  • 3 pc’s (minimum)
  • 4 hours per day
  • 5 days per week
  • R500 per month per student for an hour a week
  • 3pc’s x 4 hours per day x 5 days per week = 60 students per month x R500 = R30 000 per month. Edit your device numbers, hours, days and costing to see the difference!

training centre

As a leader in the ICT industry, Computers 4 Kids has a team of qualified developers working on trends and new developments and technologies on an ongoing basis. In addition to keeping the content up to date and relevant, they are also tasked with researching trends and adding their own opinions and experience to the team at large. Computers 4 Kids has a strict open door policy that allows all new ideas to be expressed in a supportive environment, including input from its licensees.



Additional resources include our exciting Minecraft content which means you could run your own unique Minecraft club!

Work for yourself, but not by yourself. Apply and become a Computers 4 Kids/e- Learner licensee in your area

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All content is accessed from classesonline.mobi as well as access to free demo/trial content.

This is a limited time offer which expires on the 31st of July 2021* after which a start-up fee will apply! 

 Reserve your area now! Please visit https://computers4kids.co.za/training-centres/ to see if your suburb is still available.

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e-Learner certification

The e-Learner certification course is offered to school aged learners as well as adults.

These hands-on lessons take place after school hours at the local Computers 4 Kids Training Centres and cover South African school content (maths, English, Afrikaans, Social Studies, Sciences etc) as well as Digital Skills aimed at your child`s academic level. Your child will receive benchmarked certification from the e-Learner Foundation  (South Africa) on completion of the course. The advantage of your children attending these integrated or blended lessons are too numerous to be listed here but we are confident that the consolidation of completing classroom themes and topics as well as ICT skills will stand him/her in good stead for progressing through the academic stresses that our children currently find themselves in. Our courseware is also unique in that it incorporates lessons which promote Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in children – also a first for South Africa!

Courses offered to adults cover the seven units as part of the e-Learner Foundation certification programme BUT aimed at users who do not need or require high levelled international certification but who want some form of certification covering the basic Office suite.

School Holiday Workshops

Fun school holiday workshops can be offered at all Computers 4 Kids Training Centres. These workshops allow your children to attend structured and fun IT classes during the school holidays which gives you the peace of mind knowing that they are being cared for BUT at the same time playing educational games, being creative and getting to know how to use the PC as a tool. The length and format of these great workshops are not standard – please contact your local Computers 4 Kids Training Centre for further information or to make a booking for the next school holidays!

Corporates and SME`s

Do your staff need IT training? Basic or advanced? Do they require certification? Do you require the training to be completed at your premises or online? Please contact your local Computers 4 Kids Training Centre for further information or a quotation.

Pre Schools

Your local Computers 4 Kids Training Centre is now mobile! Our staff can come to your pre-school, creche or after care centre and offer IT classes to your learners in the comfort of your school using our specialised laptops. All activities are aligned to the National Curriculum Statement, are approved by various Education Departments and offer integration of classroom content and IT skills at its best – the ideal way to learn! Please take a tour of the pre school activities and see for yourself!

*This offer is available in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe

Complete the form below to receive the detailed information pack as well as the License Agreement.


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