Curriculum – FAQ

How do you integrate your ICT curriculum?

Our ICT Curriculum is made up of approximately 700 modules that are integrated with your national curriculum covering content that the classroom teachers would be teaching. The modules contain all the required Assessments, Lesson Plans, Overviews and follow a step-by-step plan of how to achieve the desired outcome of the lesson. For example, if the 10 year olds are learning about planets with their class teacher, when they embraced their devices, they would complete the “Planets” module where they would draw the planets using the Autoshape tool in Word and then shade the planets in their relevant colours using the shading tool. This is integration at its best!

Do we need to have a pc for each child in the class?

We do not believe in the sharing of computers but do agree with co-operative learning. Ideally each child should work on their own device, but we can adapt our teaching methods and curriculum should we need to share computers.

Is it not cheaper for us to do it ourselves?

In the short term it may appear slightly cheaper, but in the long term outsourcing to make use of an international ICT curriculum is the only option for your school if you want to stay ahead in the ICT field. You cannot put a price tag on your ICT`s or class teacher`s precious time that they would spend doing planning and prep for ICT lessons of such a calibre. Cheap can be expensive! Computers 4 Kids also updates modules and releases new modules and keeps up with technological changes each year so your ICT teacher always has relevant and new topics available – something you cannot put a price tag on!

What back up and support do we get?

Our Head Office is in Cape Town, South Africa and we operate nationally and internationally on a branch and License basis. Our Licensees are qualified professional individuals with a passion for ICT and education. Support and backup is done telephonically and online as well as making use of online support services.

What software do you make use of?

Our Primary School product makes use of O365 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) as well as Tux Paint and FreeMind. We also make use of unique HTML 5 activities and worksheets that we have created. At primary school level we make use of a wide variety of fun educational software that we use for integration purposes.

What makes you different from the other companies offering the same service?

First of all we are not the same as the other companies!

  • We are a South African born company created and managed by a team of Educators. Our core focus is education and ICT.
  • Our curriculum is customised for each country that we operate in and is adaptable and flexible.
  • Our curriculum, although flexible, allows for progression of ICT skills through integration.
  • We offer continuous support and backup at all times – should we make use of your current ICT teacher we offer full on-going support and training whilst he/she makes use of our integrated curriculum.
  • We offer free online and face-to-face staff training to your school staff.
  • All our assessment tools and templates are available in a multitude of languages.
  • We are affordable!.


We have a great teacher but I think he needs support and help with integrating. Can you help?

Yes we can. We offer a `consultancy` package where we offer our integrated curriculum together with the necessary planning, support, backup and reporting to ensure that your centre works for you. This takes all the pressure and stresses away from school management as far as the ICT centre is concerned.

Do you sell software? Do you sell just your curriculum?

We do sell educational software in the form of an online subscription (see We do not `sell` our curriculum as such as it requires the support services supplied by Computers 4 Kids to make it work effectively so in essence, the school `rents` the content on a monthly/annual basis, thus making use of totally up to date resources.

The teachers at our school are not computer literate. Will your programme help them?

Yes it will. As part of our mandate, we offer free staff ICT training to all your school staff (teaching and admin staff). They will be encouraged to complete the ICDL qualification as well! Our e-Learner for Educators programme is an excellent certified SACE endorsed course where your educators will cover exercises that they can apply back in their school environment (creating worksheets, class lists and reports etc). This course can be facilitator driven or the educators can get free online access for home use.

Do you offer the curriculum on a trial basis?

Yes we do for a 3 day full trial (no obligation!). Please visit and select your country and relevant curriculum you require.

We follow the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) at our school. What can you offer us?

We have aligned all 400 modules to the PYP programme which cover the six transdisciplinary themes. Please visit and select the Enquiry Based / PYP option to complete the free 3 day trial.

We are an ACE school. What can you offer us?

We have aligned all 700 modules to the ACE PACE`s. Please visit and select the ACE option to complete the free 3 day trial. Please click here to view the alignment document.

Is the curriculum aligned to my country? It looks like you are a South African company.

This has been one of our successes since 1994! We customise your curriculum to your local needs and requirements by taking the national curriculum for your country and aligning it with ICT skills that have been benchmarked. So your students will be covering local history, social studies and content and NOT overseas content!

Do the students receive some form of certification?

Absolutely! All students work towards their benchmarked e-Learner Foundation certificate whilst covering valuable classroom content.

Do you have any Minecraft content?

Absolutely! We have created integrated Minecraft content with Skills Cards, Task Cards and Coding Cards, covering math, sciences, arts and more.