Congratulations to the United Arab Emirates competition winner:

Student Name: Joel Thompil
School: The Winchester School (GEMS)

Congratulations Joel!

Joel covered all aspects of a sustainable economy for the UAE. He covered the following solutions and represented them in a very thought out way within the UAE world.

Solutions covered:

  • Electric stations (for electric cars).
  • Green houses (for food production).
  • Fusion Battery (for energy storage).
  • Windmills & Solar panels (for energy production).
  • Water purification systems (for drinkable water as well as for crop growth).
  • Food Storage (For storage of perishable and non-perishable for long term food storage).
  • Electric & Water transport systems (for lessening environmental impact of fossil fuel usage).

UAE Minecraft: Education Edition Runner-up:

We would like to extend our acknowledgements to the following students for their outstanding team work:

  • Shaikha Hamad Ali Zaabi
  • Fatima Ali Al Hammadi
  • Maryam Saleh Ali Nuaimi
  • Safya Ali
  • Fatima Waleed Ali Menhali

School: Alasayel

This team covered the following solutions and provided and exciting solution to local UAE problems.

  • Students catered for fire issues by creating a device that can absorb smoke if a fire is caused.
  • Students also created away to help relieve congestion on the streets by creating more fly over highway systems.
  • Students create a bin that can help increase environmental cleanliness by creating a robotic trash bin that can pick up rubbish in its vicinity.
  • Students created a way to help keep drivers safer on the road by creating a device that disables cars if the driver does not have their seat belt applied.
  • Lastly, students created a eco-friendly solution to help save water when watering plants.